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Har Kisi Ki Kahani is a song about how our lives are different but our boundaries  are the same. 'Zindagi fark hai lekin, daaire hain wohi'. Professions, wealth, country, religion, cultures vary, but our basic human needs of togetherness, family, comfort, love are common to all. A constant pursuit of happiness and peace among the chaos - and an ultimate submission to our mortality. We may have different paths but we are all essentially moving in the same direction.



Mrinaal's music has a new and unique post-modern rock sound yet stays true to the traditional nuances of 'ghazal gayaki'. He draws inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Vetusta Morla, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Papon and his own mother Mahima Casewa. Out of Indian artists, a vibe closest to Local train, Parvaaz, Yellow Diary, Samar Mehdi, etc.



Audio production done by: Hemant Chakraborty

about the band

Mrinaal's music is a unique coming together of the worlds of Ghazal, Blues, n Rock n' Roll. Classically trained in Hindustani and Western vocals, he has fused Urdu/hindi poetry with a fresh sound of a typical modern rock ensemble. His songs often draw inspiration from life experienc...

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