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Heads Up, the second album by The Supersonics, is one of the most eagerly awaited musical releases of 2014. 

Hard-boiled veterans of the live music circuit, The Supersonics take the adrenaline-soaked energy of their stage act right into the recording booth, improvising, digging deep into their musical roots, taking risks and having a whole lot of fun. 
Supported by Red Bull and produced by longtime collaborator and “fifth member,” the legendary Miti Adhikari, Heads Up is a rollicking example of top-notch, homegrown rock ‘n’ roll. 
about the band
The Supersonics are Avinash Chordia on drums, Nitin Mani on bass, Rohan Ganguli on guitars and Ananda Sen on guitars and vocals. 
Avinash Chordia
Prolific, untiring and rock steady, Avinash Chordia is always ready to try out a new g...

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