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Here & Beyond is an album of contrasts. Classic orchestral melodies and modern metal, tunes that are infectiously catchy yet quirkily experimental, hard-hitting choruses with a beautiful uplifting message. The music is so intricately woven one hardly notices as the moods, styles and emotions shift seamlessly through each song; classical passages flavour a heavy rhythmic landscape in this perfect balance of melody and musicianship. The lyrics deal with a wide range of topics, from being yourself, to fearlessly chasing your dreams to more serious topics of forgiveness and spirituality, but it all ties together with an underlying message of making your way in the world. Taking that risk, that leap of faith, and flying!
Music & Lyrics written and performed by Slain
Judah Sandhy – Vocals 
Bryden Lewis – Guitar 
Manek D’Silva – Guitar 
Naresh Nathan – Bass Guitar 
Jonathan Wesley – Keyboard 
Jared Sandhy – Drums & Percussion 
Guest Vocals by Ruhee Ahamed on ‘Prodigal’ 
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Xandrin Records (Bangalore) by Judah Sandhy 
Photography by Clyde D’Mello (intandem.deviantart.com) 
Artwork by Manek D’Silva (therandomlines.com) 
Design by Ashim D’Silva (therandomlines.com) 
about the band


We believe music should be loud enough to make you jump, smart enough to make you think, and inspiring enough to make an impact.
After winning every major national-level rock competition during it's formative years, the band went ...

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