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Hey Kaali Kalyani
Singer: Anamika Shrivastava
Music: A-OK Studios
Composer: Anamika Shrivastava
Lyrics: Anamika Shrivastava 
Recorded by: A-OK Studios
Producer: Anamika Shrivastava  
Director: Hyder Bilgrami, Anamika Shrivastava
DOP: Hyder Bilgrami
Creative Director: Eshika Shrivastava, Krisha Shrivastava
Editor: Dinesh Prajapati
Makeup: Meghna Parikh
Hair Stylist: Meghna Parikh 
Photography: Adnan Khawaja
Special Thanks To:
Vishal Shrivastava, Aar Bee,

Sh. Vimal Muni,  Dr. Rajesh Sachdeo, Dr. Bikky Jaggy, Rajiv Shrivastava,  Ankit Jain, and Durga Mandir of Princeton, NJ.

about the band

Anamika Shrivastava is a songwriter, composer and a singer. She loves writing, composing and singing devotional songs. Her lyrics reflects the puranas and mythologies of India. She takes the listeners to a devotional and soulful journey through a musical world where they find a deep connect...

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