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It’s an ultimate sweet confession of compassionate, caring and deep love towards your beloved. Godly it is when two strangers of opposite genders meet for good. The bond gets stronger by the time, at one moment perhaps you start feeling that one can never ever live without the other , most likely you very much depend on the other on every single move/routine/event of life. You perhaps get to know genuinely only death can tear you apart.Confrontation and unwanted arguments are no solution to healthy relationship. Matured lyrics embellished with sugary melody you cannot resist humming. 

Contemporary beats & soft electronic arrangements would carry you far beyond this Galaxy into a space of pure love
A bouquet of emotions you would definitely like to gift your lover.

about the band

Sadasivan KM Nambisan popularly known as 'SADU' started of as the Singer, Composer and Lyrisict of the most popular Indi-pop band 'The Aryans' who released 'Ankhon mein tera hi chehra' , 'Yeh hawa kehti hai kya' and 'Dekha hai teri ankhon ko' the mega...

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