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"HOW ARE YOU? WE ARE FINE, THANK YOU", debut album of "The Down Troddence (TDT)" features 10 tracks. Each song reflects and pictures varied emotions and concerns of the otherwise unheard and unattended voice of the downtrodden.
Produced by acclaimed guitarist/producer, Keshav Dhar, The band has a sound which is compellingly unique, blending traditional folk and metal.
The sonic fabric of the tracks are characterised by groovy riffing with musical elements immediately recognizable as folk and psychedelic. 
The song "Naagavalli" was recently released as a single, which touched 20k plays in soundcloud, holding testimony to a great reception by the listening population.
Come, Experience the unheard voice.  
Written and performed by The Down Troddence
Produced and Engineered by Keshav Dhar
Artwork by Abhijith VB 
about the band
'The Down Troddence', popularly known as 'TDT' is a six piece Folk - Thrash Metal Band, originally from Kannur district in Kerala, India. The band currently consists of Munz (Vocals), Varun Raj (Guitar), Nezer Ahemed (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Sushin Shyam (Keyboards, ...

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