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'I Miss You' is the debut single from Shannon’s upcoming album. The song is a delicate blend of soul, melody, emotions and expression.




Artist : Shann & The Silent Riot (Shannon Pereira)


Drums : Gino Banks

Synth bass, keyboard and textures : Joel Crasto

Vocal textures : Murishka D’cruz

Guitars : Shannon Pereira



‘I Miss You’ written, composed and produced by Shannon Pereira. Co-produced by Joel Crasto. Mixed and Mastered by Aftab Khan at Head Room studios.


Special thanks to Gino Banks, Joel Crasto, Murishka D’cruz, Amal Amjad and Heena Kriplani (Gibson India)


Copyright : Shannon Pereira

about the band
Shannon Pereira, an Exclusive Gibson, D’addario and Planet Waves artist and a well known name in the music scene is a guitarist and performer well known for his flamboyance, eccentric stage antics & high-octane energy. 
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