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This song is inspired by the hardships and heartache faced by our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake on 25th April 2015, both in Nepal and India. It is a heartfelt prayer for them in the midst of these challenging times. A prayer for safety, hope, peace and solidarity even as the ground continues to shake. At a very personal level, the pillars and walls of my sister’s house in Siliguri are cracked and damaged making it uninhabitable. Others have lost loved ones in a blink of an eye, life as they knew it has changed forever. This is our prayer for you, may God bless and keep you safe.

We hope this song will raise awareness about the pain many are facing  and make us reach out in any way we can. 

Musicians in Delhi united and came together sharing their beautiful music for this cause, friends contributed to make the video. Thank you and God bless.

about the band

Sonam Sherpa, one of the most well known Guitarist in India started his career as a founding member of Parikrama. After 24 years and still going strong, Sonam and Parikrama continue to rock  as the oldest rock band in India. With over 2000 shows in India and abroad, they have had the o...

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