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I Think of You' brings to you remastered versions of songs that were produced monthly during 2012 by 'Gunjarav Studio'. 
Gunjarav Studio is a place where artists come together and produce awesome music. 
Although not completely experimental in nature, our music comes from our interpretations of different genres, carefully selected in order to best express the poetic and musical idea behind each song. 
This album features 'I Think of You', 'Let Me Try' and 'Last December' with a pop-rock flavor; 'My Papier Mache Heart' with a classic jazz sound; 'Disheveled Hair and a Bottle of Beer' and 'Oh Barber Why Did You Do So' with impressions of blues and rock-n-roll; 'Oh My Girl' a countryish number; 'Let Her Go' an acoustic ballad, 'Thoughts are Grey' an electronic pop and 'Being a Child' a song influenced by The Beatles.
Nakul Jogdeo : Songwriting, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Arrangement, Production 
Mandar Phatak : Songwriting, Vocals, Arrangement 
Aniruddha Gaikwad : Songwriting, Guitars, Arrangement, Backing Vocals 
Sharvari Sathe : Songwriting, Vocals 
Tejas Modak : Songwriting 
Pallavi Paranjape : Songwriting, Vocals 
Prasanna Jogdeo : Songwriting
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