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A self-recorded debut EP by singer-songwriter Rahul Ghai, in collaboration with various other artists. Songs comprise of a familiar nostalgia, to say the least. Ik Sapna has emerged out of experience and experimentation.
This wouldn't have been possible without:
Arjit Singh - Live Piano, Keys & Programming
Avneesh Sharma - Bass Guitar on 'Kya Kahoon' and 'Do I Have To Tell You'
Obu - Live Drums on 'Do I Have To Tell You'
Anindo Bose - Mixing and mastering (Kya Kahoon)
ADG mastering - Mixing and mastering (Rest of the songs)
Album Artwork - Jaskaran Chauhan
with Love for all
about the band

Rahul is a self-taught musician who started his journey from his single New CLouds (2015), he first started learning Guitar at the age of 15, though only a few years later he started pursuing it more sincerely and began to explore his playing style & writing songs.



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