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1.       Lullaby

2.       Song For A Rose(Live)

3.       Fake Encounter

4.       Eche

5.       Lamjasara

6.       Ema Keithel

7.       Loktak Ngami Eshei

8.       Oh My Soul

9.       Keibul gi Sangai


These are the songs the band released as singles in the last 11 years
‘Lullaby’ was written and composed in mid 2000s but completed with Sachin Angom(guitarist) in 2012.  The song talks about children in conflict zones and how often children become the ultimate victims of any conflicts across the globe. The chorus was sung by my nieces. 
‘Song for a Rose‘ is  based on a true story of  Rose Ningshen from Ukhrul and her suicide that took place in 1974. On March 4, 1974, she was raped by BSF officers who were posted in the village, Kumbram, a small village located under Phungyar sub-division in Ukhrul district.
Two days after the incident, Rose committed suicide leaving behind a letter for her lover.
The song was written in 2010 but recorded live in 2015.
‘Fake Encounter’ is about the extra judicial killings in Manipur. There are 1528 cases of fake encounter killings which are pending at the Supreme Court to see light of justice now. It was recorded in 2015 as part of Amnesty International India’s campaign ‘Brave’
‘Eche’ is a song dedicated to Iron Lady Irom Sharmila. The song was recorded in November 2010 when Sharmila completed tenth year of her fast/hunger strike against the draconian act AFSPA 1958.
‘Lamjasara’- recorded in 2013 for a project but it was never used so we have the chance to release it officially now. Lucky us!
“Ema Keithel” – recorded live in 2015 with Prateek Bahadur of Giant Leap Records. The song talks about the mothers’ market in the heart of Imphal.
‘Loktak Ngami Eshei’ – recorded in 2017 as our way of showing solidarity to the fishing community at the Loktak Lake who were resisting the eviction by the government then in the name of development and cleaning the lake.
‘Oh My Soul’ – recorded in 2015 as original sound track of the documentary film ‘Oh My Soul’ by Kivini Shohe of Nagaland. The film talks of three transgender sex workers from Mokokchung, Nagaland and how there were ostracised by their own families and the society.
“Keibul gi Sangai” – recorded in Dec 2020, the song is about Loktak Lake and its surrounding and how the development like building dams destroyed our own environment and livelihoods of thousands of people.
 Developments are supposed to help the people economically and socially but it is the opposite.
Remastered by Sapam Shankar
Reproduced by Oomorock Records
Cover Art by Kapil Arambam
Special thanks to our friends and families for their love and support.
All songs written, composed by Chingangbam Akhu and arranged by Imphal Talkies and The Howlers
Copyright @ Imphal Talkies & The Howlers
Imphal Talkies and The Howlers are
Chingangbam Akhu - Vocals, Guitar
Sachin Angom - Guitars
Irom Singthoi - Cajon
Chaoba Thiyam - Pena
Sarkar Laishram - Bass
Sunil Loitongbam - Drums
Binodkanta Ahanthem - Violin, Cello (Keibul gi Sangai)
Repeal AFSPA
about the band

Imphal Talkies  is a  folk rock band from Manipur,  formed in 2008 by Akhu Chingangbam with Sachin Angom. The band released its debut album Tiddim Road in 2009.

The band has performed in and around Delh...

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