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Impressions:Where Classical is Contemporary


Track 01: Shiva Shakti

Composer:Mian Tansen; Genre: Dhrupad; Raag: Poorvi; Taal: Sool Taal; Lyrics:Kar Kapal Lochan

The journey of Impressions begins with an Invocation to Lord Shiva, the symbol of power. Set in the evening melody of Poorvi, this is a tribute by Mian Tansen, the legendary court musician of Delhi Durbar. Sung in Dhrupad style, the accompaniment of Pakhawaj and Sarod re-invokes the antiquity of durbar-music.


Track 02: Ecstasy

Composer:Fateh Ali Khan; Genre: Khyal; Raag: Todi; Taal: Teen Taal; Lyrics:Mandal Baje Sajani

With the Joy of making music, the Sarod and the Mandal joins for a question-answer session. The hero begins to play his Mandal and calls for his beloved to join the ensemble and make music. Set in the morning melody of Mian Ki Todi, this is a tribute by the great maestro Fateh Ali Khan. The exuberance of the jamming inspires the Sarod to join in a Sawal-Jawab with the vocalist to conclude the session.


Track 03: Confluence

Composer:Padma Bhushan Jnan Prakash Ghosh; Genre: Tarana; Raag: Jog; Taal: Jhap Taal;

Lyrics:Tom Tanana

Tarana, a musical composition packed with rhythmic syllables, is believed to have originated by another legendary Persian composer-poet of the Delhi Durbar, Amir Khusrao. The pace of the fast Tarana is subdued here by the confluence of the two Gandhars of Jog. The sensation of the late night melody couples with the serenity of the Sadhra; the Sarangi flirts with the voice and the Tabla comes together to work on the rhythm.


Track 04: Longing

Composer:Padma Bhushan Jnan Prakash Ghosh; Genre: Thumri; Raag: Mishra Sohini; Taal: Adhha

Lyrics:Ka Sang Khelu Main Phag

The Sarangi goads the singer to choose a Bandishi Thumri- a musical excellence of the Benaras tradition. The lustful tone of the Sarangi reminds him of Radha’s longing for Krishna, and how she suffers her loneliness on the day of Holi. Sohini brings out the true emotion of those passionate moments.


Track 05: Thrill-Lana

Composer:Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna; Genre: Thillana; Raag: Brindavani; Taal: Adi Taal

Lyrics:Dhim Na Na Na Tillillana

The air at once freshens up with a cool breeze from the South. The breather comes in the form of a Thillana, with all its rhythmic ecstasy, and decks up the heavy air with the sweet fragrance of the tamarind. The Mridangam player manifests his excellence in the form of a Thani-Avartanam before the charanam spices up the mood to charm the queen of the heart.


Track 06: Revelation

Composer:Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty; Genre: Ghazal; Raag: Mishra Patdip; Taal: Keherva

Lyrics:Tanha Tanha Sa

The singer transcends to a level where he experiences Revelation. The memory of his long-lost past returns to him, and he speaks to his inward self. It reminds him of the moment he fell in love with the court-dancer in Lucknow and began singing a Ghazal couplet. This track pays tribute to the classical tradition of Urdu Shayari andGhazal.


Track 07: Harmony

Composer:Padma Bhushan Jnan Prakash Ghosh; Genre: Khyal; Raag: Rageshree; Taal: Ek Taal

Lyrics:Raag Sang Raagini

Love is in the air- be it visible, be it a melodic strain. The voice of the Raga meets with the splendor of the Ragini. The Sitar can’t wait to burst out in harmony with the voice. The Sarangi anecdotes in places but welcomes the musical meeting. The sitar speaks in the language of the voice, whispers harmony and responds to challenges posed by the singer. This music celebrates the Union of the Raga andRagini in Rageshree.


Track 08: Madly-Medley

Composer: Traditional; Genre: Khyal; Raag: Madhumanti; Taal: Teen Taal

Lyrics:Kahe Maan Karo

With a flash of a lightening, the dream ends. The singer finds himself in a Jam Pad with all his musician friends, trying to create a new-age sound. He gears up to jam with his friends on cajon and the music builds up with the whole line up joining in the groove. The Raga responds to the demand of time, fusing boundaries between the classical and the contemporary


Vocalist / Sound Designing: Anirban Bhattacharyya

Percussion /Rhythm Programming: Bivakar Choudhury


Sarangi: Ahsan Ali

Sitar: Umashankar

Sarod: Pritam Ghosal

Bass Guitar: Arpan Guha Thakurta

Mixing Engineer: Niharika Ghai

© All rights of Mehfil Records works are reserved. Unauthorized broadcasting of this record is strictly prohibited. Released in January 2013

about the band

Anirban Bhattacharyya is a Hindustani classical vocalist of the Patiyala tradition and a budding ethnomusicologist from Kolkata. A senior disciple of Padmashree Ajoy Chakraborty, An...

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