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At the onset of the pandemic while the nation was under a lockdown, I sat down to ponder upon the condition of our planet and our relation to it. Economic woes, rise of intolerance, fear of an imminent war, famine, ecological disasters made me ask the fundamental question of why had Nature that hitherto been perceived as being benevolent suddenly turn vitriolic. Perhaps I presumed, it may have been to remind us of our own feebleness and our inward reluctance to allow the Great Spirit (also known as Gaia) to harmonize with our actions.


As I sought answers to these perplexing questions, I channeled them into the subconscious. These songs are a testament to them. Few of the songs were laid down in a single sitting to translate faithfully onto record the initial stirring that welled inside me. My hope is that in these uncertain times, these musical vignettes bring you comfort, peace and healing. 

about the band

Pilgrim  (ˈpɪlɡrɪm): a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place

Lyre (līr): a stringed musical instrument


Somewhere in a world of computers and the frantic pace of our lives, we've forgot...

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