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Jis tann lageya Ishq kamaal

Naache besur te betaal


Jis de andar vasseya yaar

Uthheya yaaron yaar pukaar

Na o chaahe raag na taar

Ainven baithha khede haal


Bulla Shauh nagar sach paaya

Jhoothha raula sab mukaaya

Sacheyaan kaaran sach sunaaya

Paaya uss da paak Jamaal


Translation -


Whoever is stung by perfect love,

He dances out of tune!

He dances out of step!


In whose heart the Beloved dwells

He loudly proclaims, “Beloved! O Beloved!”

He needs neither a musical string or a melody

He revels in ecstasy of his own accord


O Bullah, I have found the Lord’s true abode,

All false uproar, all religious disputes have come to an end.

For the truthful, I proclaim the Truth

I’ve had the vision of His pristine glory



Vocals & Composition: Radhika Sood Nayak

Music Production: Neil Mukherjee

Guitar, Oud & Programming: Neil Mukherjee

Tabla, Duff & Percussion:  Swarupa Sawkar

Dholak & Percussion: Sadanand Mulik

Sound Engineer: Jainil Nayak

Mixing & Mastering: Jainil Nayak

Recording Studio: Emsquare, Mumbai

Album Art: Kshitij Prasad Verma

Photos courtesy: Elizabeth George Portraits

Lyrics: Baba Bulleh Shah (Traditional)

Special thanks to Alleyah Asghar Singh

about the band

Sufi Vocalist | Composer


My tryst with Sufi music began with Punjabi Sufi mystic Bulleh Shah’s
kalaam (कलाम) . It filled my heart and then on, I have performed at Mumbai Kabir Festival, Malwa Kabir Yatra, Kala Ghoda - Make in India Festival, Ra...

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