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Credits: Ishq Manayein Kya?

  • Performed by: Nihira feat. Orquesta Son Diamantes
  • Songwriters: Nihira Joshi Deshpande (composition) and Manoj Yadav (lyrics)
  • Music Production:Ronald Mente Miyares( RMM Productions)
  • Arrangement and Music Director ‘Orquesta Son Diamantes’: Horacio Borbolla Quintana

Orquesta Son Diamantes:

  • Band director, Timpani y Bongos:Yalena Ramos Moreno

Bass:Alejandro Ramírez Lescaille

Congas:  Lauren Ester Guevara Domínguez

~ The Cuban ‘Tres’:Yanet Sosa Boch

1st Trombone, Back vocals:Aylema de la Caridad Arro Vázquez

2ndTrombone: Gretel Benítez Fonseca

. Vocal arrangements and Back Vocals: Lisbeth Castillo Montenegro

. Back vocals:  Yennis María Verdecia Labrada

Güiro : Yoanka Milanés Garcés

~ Piano :Claudia Rosa Fonseca Pompa

Drums  :Ana Maria Rodríguez Owen

Keys , Alto Saxophone  :Horacio Borbolla Quintana

1stand 2ndTrumpet: Iván Moreno Aliaga (Special Collaboration)

Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer: Carlos Rafael Rodríguez Puig Battle

about the band

Nihira Joshi Deshpande is an accomplished vocalist and singer in Indian music.
Nurturing her penchant for music from the young age of 9, Nihira has trained extensively under many illustrious music personalities and has numerous awards and achievements to her credit.


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