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'Itni Jurrat?' is the third full-length album by Daira. 


Album Produced by Daira & Vojislav Aralica

Recorded at Benchmark Studios, Thane

Recording Engineer - Ariel Samson

Additional Vocals (For Mazedaar), Recorded at - Amplitude Studio, Malad

Mixed & Mastered by Vojislav Aralica

Digital Editing & Assistant Engineer - Sanja Duricic

Studio 'Siena', Belgrade, Serbia


All Songs Performed by

Pratik Kulgod - Drums

Aswin Lal - Bass

Vikalp Sharma - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Shivam Pant - Guitars & Backing vocals

Piyush Kapoor - Vocals, Trumpet & Kazobo

Additional Keyboards (on Bhookamp and Mahaul ) - Mangalam Prashant 

Additional Keyboards  (on Raat ka Kinaara, Mazedaar, Lailaaj, Poshaaq ) - Vojislav Aralica 

Additional Keyboards (on Lailaaj) - Shivam Pant

Backing Vocals (on Bhookamp, Mahaul, Raat ka Kinaara, Poshaaq, Sahaafi) - Vikalp Sharma, Shivam Pant

Backing Vocals (on Mazedaar) - Pratika Prabhune 

Backing Vocals (on Bhookamp ) - Pritesh Prabhune

Chorus (on Poshaaq) - Fazal, Aruna, Savi, Pratik, Vikalp, Shivam

Lyrics by - Piyush Kapoor

Lyrics (for Mazedaar) by - Fazal Ahmed and Piyush Kapoor


Album Art

Monkey Photograph originally taken by - Ankit Gupta, Focusmonk

Conceptualization & Digital Design - Ashwyn Warrier


Huge Thanks to:0 

Chaitanya Bhaidkar (Co-composer for Bhookamp, Mahaul, Mazedaar & Lailaaj )

Govind Gawli (Co-composer for Bhookamp, Mahaul, Mazedaar, Lailaaj, Poshaaq & Sahaafi)


Special Thanks to

Mr. Rajendra Kapoor

Pratika Prabhune

Pritesh Prabhune

Aruna Jade

Anjana Suresh

Fahad Sheikh

Arshad Bhati

Adil - Prashant

Benchmark Studios


Copyright © Daira 2018 All Rights Reserved

about the band

Daira is an art-rock band from the suburbs of Bombay. The third full-length album 'Itni Jurrat?', co-produced by the Serbian stalwart, Voja Aralica is out now.

Visit the Daira page
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