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Five of Castles, the band, brings you their debut EP. 

Consume the sweetest Nectar to Blossom your way into this maze of life - Jena's Fields


Five of Castles :

Lead guitars - Karan Suvarna

Drums - Prithvi Panchal

Bass - Tejas Khedekar

Rhythm guitars - Rahul Dhepe


Recorded at Demonic Studios

Mixing and mastering by Shashank Sawant and Odin De Sa

Production engineer on Luminary – Prateek Rajagopal

about the band

Five of castles™ (FOC) is Mumbai based instrumental progressive rock band formed in 2011. 


Band’s music is predominantly progressive rock genre. Although the band does not believe in restricting themselves into barrier of sticking to one genre...

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