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Conceptualized as a jam based Reggae and Folk Rock band, Woody Accouche Project was founded in Delhi, India by Singer/Songwriter Calvin Wumbaya in 2013, as an acoustic and organic band that could blend the subtleties of classical instruments with contemporary folk, rock, rhythm, and lyrics.
Our Band Members have been performing and collaborating with various musicians from around the world gathering inputs and influences for Woody Accouche Project`s keenly awaited debut album titled JIVE TRIBE.
The  Rastafarian vibrance and energetic Folk propaganda in the music is a culmination of the musicians` many experiences with art and music from around the world.
Track 1: Summer Holiday
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya  Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals
Track 2: Himalayo
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonicas // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals // Dikshita Sur: Backing vocals // Ashish Ddavidd: Backing Vocals
Track 3: Peacock
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes, Melodica // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals // Dikshita Sur: Backing vocals // Ashish Ddavidd: Backing Vocals
Track 4: Samaroh
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonicas // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals // Dikshita Sur: Backing vocals // Ashish Ddavidd: Backing Vocals // Amulya Shastri: Carnatic Vocals
Track 5: Lot To Sow
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals // Dikshita Sur: Backing vocals // Ashish Ddavidd: Backing Vocals
Track 6: Aladdin
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto: Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes, Melodica // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars 
Track 7: Love of My Kind
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonicas // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto: Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions 
Track 8: Thinkin`s My Baby`s Blues
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars 
Track 9: Havelock Z
Calvin Wumbaya: Vocals, Guitars // Vasu Singal: Drums // Craig Pinto : Bass // Kartikeya Vashisht: Flutes // Nitin Virat: Djembe, Percussions // Parthan Shiv: Lead Guitars // Maanasi Baa: Backing Vocals // Dikshita Sur: Backing vocals // Ashish Ddavidd: Backing Vocals
Kartikeya Vashisht - FLUTES, MELODICA
Craig Dominic Pinto - BASS
Vasu Singal - DRUMS
Parthan Shiv Visvanathan - LEAD GUITARS
                            Maanasi Josephina Baa
                            Amulya Shastri
                            Dikshita Sur
                            Ashish Ddavidd

                                 Calvin Wumbaya

Audio Engineered by Ashish Ddavidd
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by CBA`s Den
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