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Judgement is essentially about the way we look at ourselves. Sometimes we crave the ability to see ourselves, our problems, in a different light. We see people around us dealing with their problems objectively and maturely. When we try to decipher our inner workings, we're utterly drowned in our mess of a mind. We feel like asking - what is their secret? How are they not scared to be judged for the way they’re feeling?


Chirag Todi – Guitar, Composition, Lyrics 

Raag Sethi – Bass, Production

Protyay Chakraborty - Vocals, Violin

Meera Desai - Backing Vocals

Pritul Chauhan - Drums 

Nayan Kapadia – Keys

Ishita Thawait - Artwork

Thomas Juth - Mix & Master

Recorded at Compass Box Studio

about the band

Heat Sink is an Indie band based in Ahmedabad, being arguably the most diverse and active indie band in Gujarat. After winning state and national competitions, they were recently selected by Nexa Music as one of the top 24 original acts in the country and are now being mentored by maestros ...

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