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KAASH release their first song "Main Laut Aaunga" in August 2009 which went on to become one of the most searched hindi Rock tracks on the Internet with over 100 fan videos and more than 10,00,000 views. After that the band has released 6 more tracks which have been received with even greater love and enthusiasm. The songs cut through different genres like rock, pop, jazz, metal & ballads yet they are all marked by heart wrenching melodies, subtle lyrics, lavish ornamentation and an unusual simplicity.
All these tracks are being made available for the first time as an album
Included in this album is their brand new track Giraftar
about the band


KAASH is a musical endeavor started in the year 2008. KAASH blends Indian melodies and sensibilities with a scorching Rock backbone, creating an ingenious sound, which emancipates a sea of emotions and nostalgia in the heart of its listeners.

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