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Kaav released their eponymous E.P. in September 2010. Produced by Baiju Dharmajan, the EP was well received and highly rated by radio, print and online media. The EP was the '#1 Indie Indian EP of the year 2010' by Indiecision Magazine. Kaav's song 'Daya' represented India in the international Indie Music Compilation Album MAP (Music Alliance Pact) comprising 35 countries which was featured by ' The Guardian ' UK. Kaav's video for the song 'Daya' was featured on Coldplay's official website in September 2010. Kaav's EP was given a rating of 4/5 by MyOpus Radio and the band was also featured by leading newspapers such as the Times, Indian Express and Mathrubhoomi

about the band

Kaav is an Indian trio instrumental band formed in 2009 by Syam N Pai (Guitar), Shabeer P Ali (Bass) and Arun S Kumar (Drums). The Vypin Island, Kerala based band released their eponymous E.P of three tracks in September 2010. The E.P was produced by guitar maestro Baiju Dharmajan. Kaav EP ...

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