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It comes back always. Full circle. At a snail’s pace sometimes. At the speed of Mach X sometimes.
Along the way, all that we experience makes us believe it won’t, doesn’t it? The love, the breath, the joy, the fulfillment…oh so light, so bright, so alluring! We soak in every fleeting moment. Time stops, space shrinks and a song is born, a story takes shape
The cycle completes itself in so many different ways. This EP is one of them. We are amazed by the spark in everyday things – in voicemails, in Wikipedia, in a pretty, punk princess! All so harmonious, so sweet! How can we ever stop!
Karmach 0.5. A guitar, a couple of voices and soul-surrender. It makes our music.  It makes us sing.
Join us, make music with us… Karma at Mach X speed, our petite offering at this point in space-time!”
about the band


Paired Strings is music and a pair of lunatics in random entanglement. Jazzmine & Shanti. And a guitar. And lots of music, inspiration and tech support from friends everywhere, and a few, very few, people who hate the notion of such madness. That makes Paired Strings...

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