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The experimental instrumental album takes inspiration from a place called "Kashmir", with each track evolving from a journey through fragmented thoughts and feelings. It took over 5 years to complete and a lot of international artists to bring this album to life. The composer has experimented with Rabab, a folk instrument from Kashmir, and a lot of woodwind instruments.
All the tracks are composed by Moosa Saleem.
Angelic Bells: Fernando José Damas Vicent
Bass Guitar: Hamza El Hamri
Cello: Stavros Galiatsos, Fernando José Damas Vicent
Drums: Hamza El Hamri, Alexandru Ginga
Flute: Alexandru Ginga
Koto: Fernando José Damas Vicent
Lead Guitar: Philip James Ockelford
Piano: Andrei Kuznetsov
Rabab / Electric Rabab: Fernando José Damas Vicent
Rhythm Guitar: Zeeshan Hyder, Moosa Saleem
Synthesizer: Mirko Pirozzi, Alexandru Ginga
Taiko: Fernando José Damas Vicent
Ukulele: Adam Lipinski
about the band
Moosa Saleem is a composer, writer, film and music video director from Kashmir who is now settled in Mumbai. His musical aesthetic is majorly influenced by progressive rock and ambient musicians.
Moosa made his first feature film at the age of 20. His ...

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