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Khiwayya is about two people who recently fell in love & are seperated temporarily. It's aim is to capture their yearning to get back. This song happens during the journey that the boy undertakes to reach the girl. The girl and the boy are seperated by the sea which is being traversed on a boat. The song glides between the thoughts of the boy, the girl and their little plea to the boat rider, "khiwayya" to bring their beau to them. The Khiwayya too chips in his folksy bits. The climax is about the meeting of the boy and the girl with their little pledges to never be apart. Hope you enjoy this little journey!



Vocals : Onkar Tarkase , Meenal Datar , Karim Khan

Composition : Karim Khan

Lyrics : Karim Khan

Strings : Gaurav Korgaokar

Bass guitar : Amit gadgil

Tabla : Nitin Shinde

Piano : Rahul Sirsat

Arrangement : Onkar Tarkase , Karim Khan

Mixed & Mastered by Onkar Tarkase at ProDigi Studios

about the band

Karim is a musician from Pune. He has interests in several areas including music composition, arrangement, lyrics & mixing. He plays the keyboard and guitar.

His music is mostly feel based and easy listening. He has worked on a few Bollywood covers before releasing his first ...

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