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Khoj as the name suggests it’s a search for inner self. As we get matured it brings more responsibilities and we are lost in this selfish world slogging ourselves to fulfill our needs and comforts. Renowned Urdu poet Nida Fazli has nicely put the words together like a string of pearls , with the aura of exploring loneliness . The words with deep meaning of which would you will surely be carried away..
The novelty of the track is that the composition is rendered in a Hindustani classical ghazal style, and the first music is A jugalbandi of slide guitar played in a Carnatic classical style and the drums and piano in a jazz style. It’s a rare combo to experiment without disturbing the soul of the ghazal, the Second music is purely Carnatic classical style on slide guitar.

about the band

Sadasivan KM Nambisan popularly known as 'SADU' started of as the Singer, Composer and Lyrisict of the most popular Indi-pop band 'The Aryans' who released 'Ankhon mein tera hi chehra' , 'Yeh hawa kehti hai kya' and 'Dekha hai teri ankhon ko' the mega...

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