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Kumara Dhara - is a collection of 12 traditional Devaranamas rendered by Chintalapalli sangeetha paramparaanidhi Dr. Gudibande Kumaraswamy.


Dr. Gudibande kumaraswamy is a renowned carnatic classical singer from Karnataka and hails from the Chintalapalli music dynasty.

Kumara dhara - Music album features famous writings of sri Purandara dasa, Sri Kanakadasa, Sripadaraja, Harappanahalli Bheemakka, Sri Vadiraja, Sri Prasanna tirtha , Chintalapalli Raghavendra and Swami dayananda Saraswati.


Dr. Gudibande Kumaraswamy has rendered these compositions in a very distinctive style and the album is a feast to carnatic music lovers..

about the band

Praveen – Pradeep, brothers are musician duo actively engaged in the Kannada light music (Sugama Sangeetha) for the last 14 years .They are passionate about Kannada literature and have a very distinctive style with immense energy in their performances.

They have composed mu...

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