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Kya Kahoon is the first single off my Debut Ep "Ik Sapna" It's a short description of a love story, where prolonged harmonica solo resonates sound of the soul & words unspoken.


Keys & Music Production - Arjit Singh

Bass Guitar - Avneesh Sharma

Mixing & Mastering - Anindo Bose

Album Artwork - Jaskaran Chauhan



तेरे ही उजाले में चलता सवेरा है

आने दे इसे


दूर अँधेरे में घर एक मेरा है

ऊमीदें लिए रौशिनी की


यादों की चादर बुने, जागता वो सोता है

आजकल यहीँ तेरे ख़यालों में


क्या कहूँ पागल है तेरे लिए

है चलता कहाँ ये खेल यहां

ज़िन्दगी में छोटी सी।

about the band

Rahul is a self-taught musician who started his journey from his single New CLouds (2015), he first started learning Guitar at the age of 15, though only a few years later he started pursuing it more sincerely and began to explore his playing style & writing songs.



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