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This song is very special and close to my heart. It has been written and composed by my mother Smt. Lata Prakash Gangan, when I was born. She used to sing this as a lullaby for us kids.


Times have changed and the context might have changed. But the melody still is timeless. This song is about kids wanting to play with the moon and alluring the moon to be their playmate. It is about their innocence, imagination and about the wonderworld of kids which everyone has experienced as a child.


Song writer & composer: Smt. Lata Prakash Gangan

Singers: Pranav Kamat, Renuka Gangan

Chorus: Swarangi Tillu and Sanskruti Tillu

Music composer: Pranav Kamat

Mixing & Mastering: Pranav Kamat

Recorded at: Blue Cassette Studios

about the band

Nadabrahma is a dream of Renuka Gangan to bring into life songs and music which would be celestial and earthly, that would be appealing but bring an upheaval and tranquility at the same time.<...

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