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Every song has a meaning behind each member’s life story , an incident or a personal experience which he could not share in words, but in the form of music.


Su-weet sounding guitar licks and riffs are the essential flavour of Eargasm’s music. With relaxed drumming patterns complimenting the guitars, and inspired vocals tending a very organic, rounded feel to their music.


1) 26/11 – the horror of the Mumbai attacks in 2008 where Mumbai was on a stand still for 3 days.

2) BelEive – We believe that anything is possible no matter if you are in pain , stress , deeply de-motivated, anxious , addicted but there is always a way to get there if you believe in yourself for doing what you want. HENCE - BelEive

3) Harrowed by fate – We believe in destiny ! Until one day nothing goes your way and you blame destiny for giving you that false hope.

4) Let Me Die – is a fight between you and your sub conscious mind where the only way to get away is by being positive

5) Anxiety – is based on the adrenal rush between a fear to make a decision between priorities which can be a life changing opportunity

6) Rules - Life is funny !! when you’re happy u celebrate with alcohol. When you are upset you console yourself with alcohol. When the cause ,reason and solution is Old monk. But what is the other side of life if you want to restrain yourself from alcohol ?

-You just cant let it linger 

about the band

Formed in 2012, the band calls their Genre as " MUNK ROCK " which is a blend of Melodic Metal and hardcore Punk Rock.

They blend their life experience and stories with their songs which helps them explore their talent to the fullest and do complete just...

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