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“There is no denying that everyone reaches a dark tunnel at some point in their life, filled with pessimism and negativity. But if they hold on and are brave enough to walk till the end of the tunnel, the rays of positivity and optimism shine through.” Inspired from the sounds and spirit of optimism, the music on the EP is loosely based around the theme of optimistic beauty in dire negativity. Created on many relentless sleepless nights; the music was shaped by the breathtaking scenes of early morning sunrise freshness, the sunset horizon drenched in orange hue, and the seductive little lights of late night. Undergoing a hard phase in life, there is only satisfaction at having turned the pain and traumas into something substantial. An ode to all those who get up everyday inspite of being pushed to the ground relentlessly and a message to them that they are not alone, the music of the EP criss-crosses the sunny lanes of Synthpop, Rock, Indie, and Electronica music, with hints of experimentation thrown in for good measure.

Written & Performed by Priyanuj Mazumdar

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Siddhant Das at Studio Dreamcatcher

Download the Bonus Pack, including lyrics and wallpapers here

about the band

Driven by the sounds and spirit of optimism, blaring serenely from the secluded outskirts of Guwahati (Assam, India) with inspiration descending from the mighty hills and majestic rivers abound, 'Dreaming Fairylights' is a solo project of Priyanuj Mazumda...

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