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Within just 3 days of its release, the music from Divine Raaga's debut studio album, I'm Divine Raaga, topped several indie music charts! Among several ventures, they also went on to showcase their music in the immensely popular live music show on Kappa TV - Music Mojo (Season 3). As the name of this live album clearly gives it away, all the music that features in this album was recorded live, for the episodes featuring Divine Raaga, at the sets of Music Mojo!
The rendition of each song in this live album is significantly different from its studio album equivalent. Each song has been reinterpreted to discover alternative musical expressions, and this keeps the aesthetics of a live performance intact. The album also showcases some exotic Carnatic percussion instruments bringing in a flavor that's different from the typical Divine Raaga sound!
Note: 100% of Divine Raaga's share from this album goes to Operation Smile India. Operation Smile is the largest worldwide humanitarian NGO dedicated to providing treatment to children born with clefts.
Vocals: Buddhabrata Chakravorty (Buddha)
Drums: Mrinal Manuj
Guitars: Rahul Jha
Guitars: Ashraf Laskar
Bamboo Flute: Prithwin
Keyboards: Kishore Karkala
Bass: Samson Philip
Percussion: Karthik Mani (Des, Teen Bandar, Khilauney, Banjaraa)
Lyrics: Mrinal Manuj (Teen Bandar, Khilauney) & Ananyabrata Chakravorty (Des, Banjaraa, Brothers, Baarish, Maula)
Sound Design: Chethan V Rao (Prabhath Studios)
Mixing and Mastering: Rajan KS
Sound: Melody
Recording Engineer: Prasanth Valsaji
Sound Engineer: Suhail 
Executive Producer: Sumesh Lal
Production: Sujith Unnithan
Production Coordinator: Hari
A Divine Raaga and Kappa TV production.
about the band
Divine Raaga is a Hindi folk-rock band based out of Bangalore, India. They are one of the most loved acts in the city. Their compositions draw influences from multiple genres rooted in Indian music, amalgamated with rock. Their music is known for its soulful rendition, heavenly connect an...

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