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Having spent around 6 months at home, the anguish is unparalleled. A pandemic in modern times is the most under handed catastrophe we could have hoped for. Taking a cue from Victor E Frankl, here's our search for meaning, our honest account of what our lives have become. The song details our thoughts about the lockdown. 
Artist bio : The Revisit Project 
We are Funk/Jazz fusion band from New Delhi, India bringing together an amalgamation of our love for old school Funk cats such as James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Meters and Tower of Power and our not so general observations about contemporary India with sarcastic undertones in the writing style. Starting out in 2014 as a tribute band, rediscovering some of the lost treasures of Hindi film music and giving a contemporary Funk/Jazz fusion touch to the renditions, the jam sessions lead the band to realise it's true potential in terms of writing original music and thus, the first album called 'Here We Go' happened in 2017, while the next two happened in 2019 with Brown Man's Funk and Born in Delhi released back to back. 
Band members : 
Abhay Sharma - Saxophone/Composer
Aditya Bhagvatula - Drums
Varun Rajasekharan - Percussions
Kanu Gangahar - Guitar 
Karan Wadhwa - Bass
Chetan Dominic Awasthi - Vocals 
Vrnda Dhar - Vocals
about the band

Having gone through the process of establishing the band in both the parallel scenes in Delhi, The Revisit Project is ready to bring a groove laden funk plastered twist to our lives as part of the (N)EVER evolving brown community, through their forthcoming album called 'Brown Man's ...

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