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Songs in the EP -


1. Long Drive Home 

Music & Lyrics - Divina Bajpai

Long Drive Home © 2015 Divina Bajpai

2. Remind Me

Music & Lyrics - Divina Bajpai

Remind  Me  © 2015 Divina Bajpai

3. Ode To Love

Music & Lyrics - Divina Bajpai

Ode To Love © 2015 Divina Bajpai

4. All I Want

Music & Lyrics - Divina Bajpai

All I Want © 2015 Divina Bajpai

5. I Want To

Music & Lyrics - Divina Bajpai

I Want To © 2015 Divina Bajpai

about the band
Divina is a 22 year old pianist, belonging equally to Goa and Delhi and currently based out if Hyderabad. She is a western classical pianist, songwriter, poetess, composer, singer and musician having finished all 8 grades with the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), w...

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