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A 3 song EP that talks about loneliness, longing and paranoia. Songs that interweave wishful frivolity, sadness and hindsight.

Guitars : Hiten Mukherjee
Bass, kazoo, mandolin and arrangement : Pronoy Chakroborty
Keyboards : Sayantan Guha
Violin : Bhaswar Sen
Recorded, mixed and mastered by : Shiladitya Sarkar

Title track mixed and mastered by : Sreejan Deb

Vocals, lyrics, composition, guitars and ukulele : Tathagata Bhowmik

about the band

Tathagata Bhowmik is a singer songwriter from Calcutta currently based in Bombay. An ardent Beatles and Oasis fan, he derives his inspiration from the absurd occurences in life. A wounded poet at heart, he writes songs about frivolity, paranoia, longing, and alien invasions.

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