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Love Intoxication chronicles the strange emotional rollercoaster that is love, against the backdrop of a 70's disco - meets modern pop, themed sound scape. The songs are underlined with messages of hope, happiness and self motivation, which is what Clown With a Frown represents.
Clown With A Frown has set out to revolutionize dance music and Love Intoxication is just a glimpse of a lot more to come.
Let go of all your fears and lose yourself to the music.
about the band

Clown with a Frown is a Pop/Funk Rock out fit from Bangalore (India) formed in September 2011.Set out to redefine dance music, by revolutionizing sounds from the 70's disco era. Known for their groovy bass lines, simple upbeat rhythms backed by powerful horns and soulful vocals, all com...

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