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Lyrical Cynic is an evolution of the band's sound, from what was presented as more pop-alternative rock on the EP (Underwaterseabird), which was very Violin and Keyboard driven.
This album is a very guitar driven,  post grunge,  alternative rock fat massive sounding one. The keyboard provides textures and also fills up ambient space, not like the traditional usage of organs, but a healthy mix of it all. The guitars play rhythm, riffs, solos, lines, fillers.
Influences like  Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Rush, Sting, Foo Fighters will pretty much be right in your face. Indus creed, Caesar's Palace, Zero, etc have been a huge part of our continuously growing musical education as well. 
The Lyrical Cynic is about experiences with women, philosophy, thought processes, life as it happens around us, directly connected to us, and maybe not so directly. 
The fact that while people love to see the rosy picture and the 'happy happy happy' in everything... there is a diff between seeing that and seeing reality,optimism and positivity. Its about understand and taking things with a pinch of salt... letting the anger n aggression show in a controlled way, putting logic to it all. And eventually understand that though you do see the world through the eyes of a cynic and you've been called and branded all sorts of things, the point is, yes, there is a certain tainted virtue associated with you, but while you're one of the many, you do stand out, but its not like a ton of people don't and hence, its all still ordinary.
So queue it up, sit back, pour yourself some single-malt, and let the Lyrical Cynic out. its very real.
Co-produced by Wilson Kenneth and Spook.
Mixed and Mastered by Zorran Mendonsa in Auckland, NZ.
about the band


Obsessively melodic, clean, yet grunge driven. Energetic, power packed, yet in a sense passively aggressive, Spook is a young 5-piece act whose only purpose is to enjoy the music they play, put it out to listeners, and make them feel it by their enthusiastic live perform...

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