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Music makes you dream, about what is beyond anything you can see and touch. It's intangible, it's beyond comprehension. In conceptualising this EP, I have tried to convey the ideas in my mind, the places that music takes me, and hence the name "Mann Tarang" which, in Hindi, means a dream world.
The essence I have tried to capture in all the songs is a fusion of Electro Hip-Hop and Jazz. It is something I want the listener to feel when they're staring off into the night by themselves in a trance. With the combination of Ambient meeting Indie pop, I hope I can invoke the feelings of a sort of musical trance.
The songs themselves are metaphors, representing how those in love are feeling right now. Lockdown makes the distance sting, the pain amplified by everything around us. Kareeb makes you long to be close to your love and Adaayein reminds you why you want them and what you love about them, while Aasman and Ratiyaan make you realise that the slightest change in your environment like the onset of night, or a casual glance at the skies can trigger something deep inside you, and make you yearn. All of this in a low-fi vibe, because sometimes things can't always be said or expressed, but only experienced.
about the band

Hi there!

My name is Shachi Pathak, and I'm a singer-songwriter from Gwalior, now based out of Mumbai. Coming from a proper Indian background, most of my songs are on Hindi and revolve around love, heartbreak, motivation, etc. 
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