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With the release of Mark of Teja; Scribe gave India its most creative band yet, with its not so-hardcore sound, standing at a busy cross-road of grunge, rock, country, pop and ambient music... everything floating above an unexpected sense of humour. Mark of Teja sees them experiment a bit more, challenge a lot more. Song titles include 'I Love You, Pav Bhaji', 'Dum hai to aage aa!', 'Judge Bread', Kamla’s back, '1234 Dracula' and Street Archana Vs Vice Varsha among others. Shortly after the release of the album, they unleashed a music video for the song ‘Dum hai toh aage aah’ that featured B-Boys from the slum areas of Mumbai busting moves in a dance-off at an abandoned fort. The slum-dwelling b-boys also performed on stage with the band at the music video launch. The video had regular airplay on VH1 and MTV propelling the band further.

about the band

Having come a long, long way since the release of their first EP - 'Have Hard. Will.Core' in 2006, Scribe is a Modern metal/Hardcore band from Mumbai, India that has with time become synonymous with aural insanity. With 2 full length releases in their arsenal since, Scribe welcomes ...

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