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1)      Lost memories of Cuba

2)      Sail Brasil

3)      The rhythm of a camel

4)      To Charles

5)      A muslim call

6)      Piabodo

7)      Namu – Iki gai

8)      New Orleans  blues

All compositions by Matteo Fraboni.

Recorded low-fi @LOG studio, August 20th, Marche, Italy.

Sound engineer: Lorenzo Guerriero.

Massimo Morganti       Trombone.

Marco Postachini          Tenor sax, baritone sax.

Emanuele Evengelista  Fender Rhodes.  

Ludovico Carmenati      Doublebass.

Matteo Fraboni              Drums, compositions.

Produced by M.Fraboni.

All rights reserved. Copyrights@MatteoFraboniQuintet

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