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A decade ago, when I first started learning Indian classical music, I wondered why i hadnt done this earlier ..Muisc one is one of the easiest ways to spread joy amongst people in this world.. I was influenced by listening to melodies of Mukesh , Kishore ,Jagjit Singh, along with Michael Jackson and John Denver..I greatly admire people who follow their passion in life, without worrying too much about what the final outcomes might be . This feeling inspired me to give expression to my love for music and this channel began.
The essence of "Maula Tu Hi Tu Miley" the new Sufi song is about feeling joy ,gratitude & love in spite of adversity .. The words of the song reflect 'faith in the divine' that becomes our strength to move forward in life, despite setbacks. A melodious, hummable track that conjures up a feeling of devotion and the presence of that divine magic in all of nature.
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A decade ago, when Vineet first started learning Indian classical music, he realized that music is the most melodious form of expression. It allowed him to explore life in ways that are always inspiring. His world of music began with listening to melodies to the likes of Mukesh and Jagjit...

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