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Maximum City is an amalgamation of everything we've experienced the last year and a half. We've been inspired by sights, sounds and everything this strange city has shown us. Dramatic, unbalanced, confused and almost eccentric. Still, Bangalore exists and survives with it it's abnormalities. We've tried to be as honest as we could in our songs in the hope that someone else feels the way that we do. Our songs cross the boundaries of multiple genres and compartmentalizing it to a particular genre would not do the songs justice. They've taken the directions of our various moods throughout the past year.
It's been quite a journey, with more downs than ups, but we had the determination to stick through it and this album is the vision we've been hounding. This album is dedicated to all the fans who have stayed by our side so patiently. We will never stop making music and hopefully, make your lives a little better and a little brighter. 
Much love,
Allegro Fudge
about the band

Allegro Fudge is an acoustic rock band from Bangalore, India. Our music takes bits of various genres such asRock, Pop, Country, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Metal that doesn't attempt to sound like anything, but forms a musical counterpoint. We believe in making music and writing stor...

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