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In this world filled with nothingness and dread sometimes all we need is a chance to correct the wrong we've done. Our sophomore single 'Metanoia' takes you on a journey of introspection and repentance. As desolate and barren as this world may seem, hear us now for it isn't too late. Filled with technical riffs, ambient sections and soulful vocals in Hindi, we hope we are able to deliver our message with utmost clarity and emotions.

about the band

We are Duravasa, an Indian Classical Progressive Band from VIT Vellore. We named our band after the great sage Duravasa from the Mahabharata. We have Sarthak Dilawari on Guitars, Joshua John on the bass, Vasanth Ravin on the keys, Abhinav Thapa on the drums, Shanmuka Sreenivas on violin, Ni...

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