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'Mindfield' is an amalgamation of the different styles and worlds that is the music of Caesars Palace. Ranging from blues to funk to disco while being firmly grounded in rock is what this band brings to the scene. Having played many big shows and festivals in their 4 year existence wherein they came to be primarily known for their jam based live act, this is the bands first studio outing which clearly showcases the sparkling recording talent that it houses.
Released 13 October 2010 
All words, compositions, and production by Caesars Palace 
Anurag Shanker : Guitars and Backing Vocals 
Jason Zachariah : Pianos, Organ and Brass 
Kishan Balaji : Drums 
Narayanan Nambudripad : Vocals 
Wilson Kenneth : Bass 
Mixed by Anurag Shanker(Meteorik Productions)
about the band


Caesars Palace is from Bangalore and loves to play live and let others feed of the love.
The band has been around since late 2006 and have come a long way as a band and musicians starting out as a kind of a local supergroup playing wh...

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