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About 3 years ago, we started making music and we started writing songs which we didn’t realise were excerpts from our life much like a music autobiography. Every song depicts various phases of our lives which has organically taken its shape. We are so proud that these songs will make up the new 7 track Album which we will be releasing in May 2019. The Album is titled “Miraya” The name is inspired by ancient Indian texts, Miraya being a derivation of the name Mira who’s devotion flowed through music. The songs of the Album are filled with personal experiences spun in metaphorical references


Band :

Akarsh Shetty : Vocals & Bass

Anurag Singh : Guitars/Song-Writer

Gaurav Wavhal : Keyboards

Nachiket Karekar : Drums/Percussion & Voice ( Dariya )

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