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All Music and Vocals by Silver Tears
Vocals Recorded at Euphony Studio
Drums Recorded at Joshua Music Studio
Produced by Ishan Das
Mixed by Akash Sawant
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions
Artwork by Saloni Sinha
Special Thanks to Girish Pradhan & Brittanta Das Mahanta


Caught up in a game of love and miseries
We have seen the darkness stumble out your face

Here we are walking on our own path

Try to live and nurture dreams that have died
Rise up every step stay humble as we are

Kill the pain from the weight of the world
Seems to burn in the storm

Breaking the storm
We breach the sun
Don't take a step
Breaking the storm
We breach the sun

This never ending battle all so still
Never falling down to redefine those falls

Here we are so now
We're sticking to

Here we are so now
Wait for the storm x2
Taking us home

We'll take our love
Wait for the storm
I'll breach the sun

Held up in the zone now
The truth is gone
Taken to zone
I'm taking the falls for
The truth
That's unsaid

Wait for the storm
We breach the sun
Don't take a step
Wait for the storm
We breach the sun

Love is the time when
I found a way
Love is the truth
I'm taking to something
That's true
And taking the sun

about the band
Silver Tears have arrived and are poised to be part of the cookie called NWOIHM. In a time when majority of National bands are too self-involved to create music that anyone can relate to, it’s a welcome change that Silver Tears don’t take themselves too seriously and are clear...

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