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Mor Gaane Gaane is a collection of six soulful musical pieces, with different Indian musical flavors. Beautifully penned by Geeta Hatikakoty, Late Charu Gohain, Hirak Jyoti Baruah, Bishnujyoti and Vidyasagar, the songs reflect the feminine fantasies, dreams and romantic desires in the life of a young girl. The soothing, melodious tunes have been composed by the talented music directors Hriday Goswami, Pulak Nath and Vidyasagar.


I am grateful to all those without whom this album would not have been possible.


- My family, for supporting me throughout my life so far and for bearing with my mood swings…

- My friends for constantly cheering me and believing in me..

- Hirak Da for helping me start off this album!

- Hriday Da, not only for being an amazing composer and music producer but also for helping me overcome all the small and big obstacles I faced all throughout. Also, special thanks for helping me improve my Assamese diction!

- Archana Nathan for clicking the perfect picture for my Album art!

- Thanks to Bangalore buddies (Deepshikha,Vaisakh,Skanda,Pranav ,Amit ,Archana Ravi and Jim) who made my recording sessions smooth and comfortable..

- And finally thanks to all the musicians without whom the music would not have been what it is …

All songs Programmed and Arranged by Hriday Goswami

Song Uroni and Uduli Programmed by Pulak Nath

Guitar - Tony Das,Varun Murali and Pulak Nath

Flute,Duduk,Bamboo Saxophone and Bau  – Sandeep Vasistha

Kajon – Hriday Goswami

Tabla – Nisar Ahmed

Backing Vocal – Vaisakh, Archana Ravi

Melodica – Amit Anand

Veena – Radhika Bhaskar



All Songs Recorded, Mixed and Music Produced by Hriday Goswami at Pranava Studios in Bangalore.

Pre Mixed by Vaisakh G (Songs Uduli and Uroni)

Assistant Sound Engineer – Jim John

Album Art by Jim John

about the band

Dipanjali Deka is a singer, record producer from Guwahati , Assam and is presently pursuing ‘Arts and Aesthetics’ from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi .Having spent  most of her childhood in Assam , she was introduced to music early in life in her native place...

Visit the Dipanjali Deka page

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