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Musafir is a Hindi word which means a "Nomad". The EP is the story of a nomad who moves from one town to the other and his realisations about love, life and people. Come on-board and be a part of this beautiful journey! 



Vocals/ Songwriting/ Guitars- Abhilash Choudhury
Bass- Arun Kailasan
Live drums for the project- Ritwick Bivera
Programming- Palee Francis
Keyboards- Devin Mathew
Recordist- Nishant for Noise Head Quarters, Kochi
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Vivek Thomas at Vivek Thomas Productions
Harmonies in "Musafir" originally sung by Vaisakh Somanath
Album Artwork- Midhun Madhav
Produced by- Abhilash Choudhury
about the band

Abhilash Choudhury is a singer-songwriter from Guwahati, India. As an artist he draws his inspirations from people, places, love, life and realisations. His playing style is influenced by indie-folk, alternative, blues and country music. You need to listen to his music when you are alone, r...

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