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What is home to you, traveller?
Do you miss it? Do you wish for it, in your desert island of
choice? As you walk and seek, do you sometimes long to dip
your feet in a pool of memories? Do you long to go home?
Nangooram is a song about us, and humanity. Who/what/where
we call home anchors us to who we are and lets us bloom.
It hurts to see our home hurt. She offered us her bounty and
we appreciate it too late.
Inspired from "Jog Falls", by Praveen D Rao.
about the band
Kelvikkuri is a band with no labels, or limits. We play many
genres, languages and emotions: it’s a journey and an
experience. We play what inspires and moves us and seeing joy
in the faces of our audience as they listen to our music is t...

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