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'Nishaani' is Anuragi's debut album, primarily released in 2013. 'Nishaani' is the journey of heartbreak and evolving through it. 'Anuragi' is Hindi Rock Band founded by Delhi-based Singer-songwriter Dr. Rajesh Anuragi in 2012. 


Album credits:


‘Nishaani’; ‘Sainyaa’; ‘Tere Hum’; ‘Tabaah’; ‘Dard E Mohabbat’ and ‘Guitar’ written & composed by Rajesh Anuragi
‘Maula Mere’ & ‘Roothi Hai Zindagi’ written by Ashish & Rajesh Anuragi and composed by Ashish Anuragi
‘Dosti’ written & composed by Abhishek Singh
Lead Vocals by Rajesh Anuragi
Backing Vocals by Rajesh Anuragi, Shantanu Hasabnis & Shubhankar Shembekar
Lead Guitar & Bass by Abhishek Singh
Rhythm Guitar by Abhishek Singh, Rajesh Anuragi & Amit Yadav
Keys/Synths by Shantanu Hasabnis
Drums by Amit Yadav
All tracks Arranged by 'Anuragi' & Amit Yadav
Album Cover Photography by Arindam Bhattacharjee
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Amit Yadav at ‘Beatfactory Music’, New Delhi
Produced by ‘Anuragi Records'
about the band
‘Anuragi' is a Hindi Rock band from Delhi, India. Founded by Dr. Rajesh Anuragi in 2012.
Anuragi's debut album 'Nishaani' was released in August 2013. Title music video 'Nishaani' was nominated for 'Best Music video' in VIMA MUSIC AWARD...

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