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Hoirong is almost a master of paradox. Known for his noise/lo-fi edition of Wham’s “Last Christmas” that he released in the December of 2013 among other such counterpoint renditions, Kamal Singh aka Hoirong knows how to take an unpredictably innocent track and metamorphose it punk-style. That is precisely what he has done with his newest seven-track EP titled Nursery Lies. One doesn’t expect a kid to know the motive of Hoirong, but punk enthusiasts are in for a delight.
“Baba (I’m not Racist) Sheep”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Not Mac Donalds” are only few of the tongue-in-cheek renditions the artist has pulled off, which in effect are composed for his two-year old daughter Myrah
about the band
Hoirong is an awesome four-piece rock band from India. Their music is very confusing, with traces of punk, post-rock, pop, noise, art-rock and disco(!) jostling for space and making fleeting appearances. 
Having excited audiences into a froth all ...

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